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On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to warmly welcome you to Brisbane for the 2014 AILA Congress. August is a beautiful time of year in the river city, with warm sunny days and cool nights. The congress venue, Brisbane's Convention Centre – rated as one of the best such facilities in the world, is in the heart of the city and will have the capacity to house all the Congress' activities, making it easy to participate in Congress events while being within walking distance of hotels, cultural activities and entertainment venues.

The organisers already have been working hard to sketch out a program, and to develop events in line with our theme, "One world, many languages". We are excited about the Congress and the opportunity to welcome all of you to share our world – both that of applied linguistics and the special place that Australia is.

See you on our website and in August 2014 in Brisbane!

Dick Baldauf
Congress Co-Chair

Christina Gitsaki
Congress Co-Chair

Applied Linguistics Association of Australia Welcome

Welcome to the 2014 conference of the International Applied Linguistics Association Conference. The Applied Linguistics Association of Australia is pleased to have the opportunity to host this conference and to welcome participants from around the world to Brisbane to an exciting and stimulating event which will bring together applied linguists from around the world to discuss topical issues in our field.

Our theme "One World, Many Languages" highlights the importance of the richness of linguistic diversity and recognises the role that applied linguists have in shaping the ways in which the world responds to this richness. We look forward to having the opportunity to explore these issues with you and to meeting you here in Australia 10 – 15 August 2014.

Andy Kirkpatrick
President, Applied Linguistics Association of Australia

The University of Queensland Welcome

On behalf of The University of Queensland (UQ), the host university for the 2014 AILA Congress, I would like to welcome you to Australia, to Brisbane and to UQ in August 2014. The triennial AILA Congress being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will bring together applied linguists from around the globe to discuss the Congress theme, "One world, many languages".

Australia is a particularly appropriate place to celebrate this theme as it is a land of many traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, as well as more than 150 community languages which have been brought to the country from all over the world. In this gathering place for languages and cultures your presence and contributions to the theme will further enrich this setting as a place of learning. We look forward to welcoming you in person to the Congress.

Professor Peter Høj
Vice-Chancellor & President